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Ok, we know what you're asking... Will somebody please tell me, what exactly is an Intranet and why do I need one?

Well the first thing to say is that the word “intranet” is a touch dated nowadays and doesn’t really explain what the solution actually does in any meaningful sense. We prefer the term digital workplace, a virtual space where your employees can access all the tools and information they need to deliver the service you expect from them.

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Top 5 reasons your organisation needs a Digital Workplace:

  • Manage remote workforces more effectively
  • Empower your employees with information and direction
  • Promote collaboration and deliver better results
  • Keep your employees up to date
  • Ensure user adoption with configurable views and layouts
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It is our job to understand your business first and foremost, to make the solution we deploy fit your needs rather than the other way around, and we understand that only by making the system as simple to use as it is effective can we hope to ensure the user adoption you need to make the project a success.

That is why we spend far longer on the “why” than we do on the “how”.

In this age of remote workforces, a unified intranet solution can empower your employees with information, promote collaboration, streamline processes and ultimately make your organisation leaner and fitter than ever before. The best thing is that all of this can be achieved with virtually no Capital expenditure on expensive hardware infrastructure. The Fresh “digital workplace as a service” model offers a simple, cost effective intranet solution that is gentle on the bottom line.

Not sold yet? Then take a look at our brief demo video and give us a call with any questions on how a Fresh Digital Workplace solution can help you.

Remember, Fresh is far more than an Intranet, far more than that a software solution… It is a process whereby you drive your business forward through better connection with your greatest asset. Your people.



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