Digital Workspace Workshop

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What Will We Cover?

  • Introductions & Common Problems: We will start the workshop with a short introduction, then onto the first session of the day - existing problems in your organisation.
  • Objectives: Here we will look at what you're trying to achieve with your digital workspace. Who do you need to get on board? Do you understand what employees in your organisation need from a digital workspace.
  • Project: This session will look at the different stages of a digital workspace project. Everything from defining requirements, planning to implementation.
  • Use What When?: There is an ever expanding set of tools and applications which make up our organisation's digital workspace.
  • Ongoing Strategy: This session will focus on ongoing strategy and what steps you need to take after a project is completed. The management of your digital workspace.
  • Summary & Questions: Your opportunity to ask the experts any digital workspace related questions you may have.
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Top 5 reasons your organisation needs a SharePoint Intranet Solution:

1. Manage remote workforces more effectively

2. Empower your employees with information and direction

3. Promote collaboration and deliver better results

4. Keep your employees up to date

5. Ensure user adoption with configurable views and layouts

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A Fresh take on corporate intranets providing a customised, user-friendly home for your organisation’s information

With Fresh, you don’t just get an intranet in a box. We want to enable you to take the right approach to deliver a seamless, digital workplace throughout your organisation.

We have listened to what our clients want. Your digital workplace should be somewhere that brings employees together and really represents your brand.

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