Building a business case for a new intranet


Download our eBook guide on how to build a rock-solid business case for a new intranet in M365


Our guide will walk you through the essential steps to building a convincing business case for a new intranet, including:

  • Identifying pain points: We’ll help you pinpoint & document the challenges your colleagues are experiencing with your current platform.
  • Creating a supportive working group: From departmental champions to getting buy-in from managers, we’ll give you tips on how to keep them engaged.
  • Selecting the right platform in SharePoint & Microsoft 365: Discover the key features & functionality that aligns with your organisation’s culture and goals.
  • What to include in your business case: Facts tell, stories sell, so we’ll show you how to present both to win over your decision makers.
  • Drawing up a plan of action: Timelines and key milestones, along with intranet adoption techniques, we reveal everything you need for success.
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Ready to build a solid business case for a new intranet in SharePoint & Microsoft 365 that will help to transform your organisation?