The Intranet Your Crisis Management Tool

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What you'll learn

  • The role of the intranet in the era of extended remote working - and why tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom don't solve all communication problems
  • Strategies and tools for broadcasting to all employees or targeting specific groups
  • How having a Crisis Management Hub reduces misinformation and confusion amongst your employees
  • Tips for using the intranet as a focal point for alerts, latest information and policy updates
  • The role of the intranet as restrictions ease and your organisation's needs evolve

Meet your speakers

David Bowman fresh

David Bowman

Product Director, Content+Cloud

Marc Wright

Marc Wright

Founder, SimplyCommunicate

Chris OBrien Content and Code

Chris O'Brien

Product & Services Director, Content+Cloud

Jonathan Broadley headshot

Jonathan Broadley

Head of Marketing Execution, Content+Cloud