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Business Continuity and the Role of the Intranet

We've seen an unprecedented uptake in collaboration and communication platforms in response to  COVID-19 and the consequent rise in remote working. While these platforms are great for bringing your staff together and keeping them connected, they can also create silos for information and chaos in internal communications.

Join our subject matter experts and guest speaker, Marc Wright from Simply Communicate, as we dive into how Intranets can play a crucial part in keeping a single version of the truth for news and information as well as maintaining the latest policies and guidelines during these unprecedented times.

What you'll learn

  • The role of the intranet in the era of extended remote working - and why tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom don't solve all communication problems
  • Strategies and tools for broadcasting to all employees or targeting specific groups
  • How having a Crisis Management Hub reduces misinformation and confusion amongst your employees
  • Tips for using the intranet as a focal point for alerts, latest information and policy updates
  • The role of the intranet as restrictions ease and your organisation's needs evolve
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Meet your speakers

David Bowman

Product Director, Content+Cloud

Marc Wright

Founder, SimplyCommunicate

Chris O'Brien

Product & Services Director, Content+Cloud

Jonathan Broadley

Head of Marketing Execution, Content+Cloud

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